RECOVERY of a breakdown truck used to move the car of former agent Sergei Skripal has extended the ongoing attempted murder investigation to the next county. 

Emergency services and military vehicles are in Gillingham in Dorset today, it is believed that the recovery truck in question was used to move Mr Skripal’s red BMW, which was left at Sainsbury’s car park in Salisbury on the day of the attack.

Members of the military wearing grey foresnic suits covered a recovery truck parked before using a crane to lift it high into the air and onto their own recovery vehicle.

Another Ashley Wood Recovery vehicle was removed by the military in Winterslow on Monday.

Gillingham resident Jane McQueen, who lives on Tomlins Lane, said she first came across something going on in the road yesterday evening when Dorset Police cones were place along both sides of the road.

This morning around 10am she came outside to find the police cordon in place on Hyde Road at the junction with Coronation Road before it was extended along Tomlins Lane.

“I saw the bollards being put down along the road and thought that is unusual, what is going on here,” she said.

“It is a shock to see all this going on here.

“The truck they are taking away is always parked in that spot on the road – you get used to it being there.

“It has been parked there as normal for the last few days at least.

“I’ve lived here for more than 30 years and there has never been anything like this.”

Another resident told the Journal: "Residents have been told to not be alarmed and that men in quarantine suits will be around and army are en route."

Gillingham resident Kathryn Dowding said: “We were shocked to see such activity in our quiet town and hope it gets resolved quickly."

A notice pinned to a lamppost in Hyde Road, Gillingham, says: "Dorset Police will be closing this road and associated parking areas from 0900hrs Wednesday 14th March 2018 and a full Police cordon will be put in place.

"Any vehicles left in this area after that time cannot be accessed and may be removed by the Police.

"Please move your vehicle out of the area of Hyde Road between Coronation Road and Waverland Terrace in advance of this time."

Raising the incident in Gillingham during the Prime Minister's statement in Parliament today, North Dorset MP Simon Hoare said: "Mr Speaker, we should all be thanking God today that it’s my Right Honourable Friend in her place and not the so called alternative.

"I’m not expecting my Rt Hon Friend to comment on the detail, but this morning residents in my constituency, Hyde Road in Gillingham, saw the Metropolitan Police and the Army in place, the street in lockdown, removing vehicles and items linked to the Salisbury incident.

"I’m not expecting my Rt Hon Friend to give a running commentary of current operations, but could she confirm two things?

"First, that she and the Government and the Security Services are doing all that they can to keep my constituents safe and can she arrange for somebody to provide a briefing to me as the Member of Parliament as to precisely what’s happening."

Prime Minister, Theresa May, said: "Can I say to my Hon Friend I am very happy to do that.

"As he will be aware the police investigation does continue and we cannot say where that investigation is going to take the police in terms of their further inquiries, but I will ensure that he is provided with a briefing as the Member of Parliament."