ANTISOCIAL behaviour and suspicious incidents involving a male “meddling” with a drain cover and air rifle sightings were reported to police last month.

The crime figures for February were discussed by Fordingbridge Town Council.

The meeting heard that 51 incidents were reported but only 21 of were “recordable as crime”.

There were six incidents of antisocial behaviour including youths with a catapult, kids in a private barn, parking on the pavement and dog fouling

There were nine offences of violence against the person - seven of which were domestic related.

The meeting heard there were no dwelling burglaries. In terms of other types of burglaries garages had been broken into overnight but nothing was taken.

There were three thefts including the attempted theft of lead and an electric fence battery. No thefts from vehicles were reported.

The police beat report for Fordingbridge town also said there were four suspicious incidents including the possible sighting of an air rifle and a catapult as well as a male “meddling” with a drain cover.