SALISBURY will get all the support it deserves, according to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Michael Gove.

Mr Gove visited the city this afternoon to meet local businesses and residents to discuss how Salisbury has been affected following the nerve agent attack on Sergei and Yulia Skripal.

As part of his visit Mr Gove met with business chiefs, along with Salisbury MP John Glen and leader of Wiltshire Council Jane Scott at the Fisherton Mill.

Mr Gove told the Journal: “It’s great to be in Salisbury, it is a beautiful city that’s been through a lot recently and represented by an outstanding member of parliament.

“I have had the opportunity to talk to representatives of local businesses and to Baroness Scott as well.

"I know that local businesses have taken a bit of a hit understandably as a result of the events of which we are all too familiar, but we are developing a plan in order to ensure that the people and the businesses of this city get all the support they deserve.”

Fisherton Mill owner Deborah Fox said: "It's great to see important people coming down and showing their faces and it's nice that they chose to come here for whatever reason, but it would be great if actions followed to support the city.

"Visits are all well and good, but what we want now are concrete things to happen."