A MAN with serious mental health difficulties who was relying on a food bank took his own life after he was refused benefits.

Stuart Targett, 25, hanged himself at his flat in Old Sarum where he was found dead on November 17.

Mr Targett, who had been diagnosed with an emotionally unstable personality disorder, had recently learned he was not entitled to Personal Independence Payments.

Senior mental heath nurse Stephen Rule told an inquest on Monday that this had been “a huge contributing stress” for Mr Targett and “the most significant factor on his mood”.

And GP Sam Dominey of Three Chequers medical practice in Salisbury said he had written Mr Targett a medical certificate so he could receive benefits while his refusal was appealed.

Salisbury coroner’s court heard that Mr Targett, who lived alone in Henry Lane, had been referred to the intensive team at Fountain Way psychiatric hospital in Salisbury on October 16.

He was taking his medication and the team was in regular contact with him.

Then, on October 29, he was treated in hospital for an overdose of painkillers.

Once discharged, he continued to receive regular visits from the team and was said to be improving. Mr Rule said staff had organised food and toiletries for him from the Trussell Trust, and were helping him with his benefits.

But when they could not contact him at home on November 17 they called police and entered his flat where his body was found, alongside numerous letters and a will.

Paul Maddock from Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership said an investigation had found a lot of good practice in Mr Targett’s care, but that staff could benefit from more training in dealing with the challenging and complex condition.

When asked why Mr Targett had not been sectioned, Mr Maddock said it was only used as a last resort and could make the situation worse.

He said “over-supporting” people with the condition, symptoms of which include low moods, suicidal thoughts and anxiety, could increase their level of risk.

Recording a conclusion of suicide, coroner Dr Claire Balysz said it was not known what triggered the decision but she was sure Mr Targett intended to take his own life.