AN ELDERLY woman had her bank cards stolen during a distraction theft in a supermarket car park.

The woman had been shopping in Waitrose before making her way back to her car at about 5.15pm on Tuesday.

Once inside her vehicle and ready to leave, a man approached her and called her out of the car.

He pointed to the front of the car and told the woman she had foam on the bumper.

She bent down to have a look and then returned to her vehicle and the man left.

When she returned, she noticed her bank cards had been stolen from her purse, which was left on the passenger seat.

Police described the man, who was wearing a blue and white striped shirt, as "European in appearance" and said he spoke "a foreign language".

PC Mandie Conn said: “I’d like to make the public aware of this type of incident and urge them to be vigilant.

"We are carrying out further enquiries but if you have any information and can help identify the suspect, please call 101.”