A SALISBURY-BASED mobile bar company will now only offer biodegradable straws, cups and napkins on all its bars.

NJAC's new biodegradable items will only need four to five weeks to break down, compared to 450 years needed for plastic products.

It comes after the company announced its new range of vegan-friendly menu options.

Bar and events manager Josh Pugh said: “We like to think that we are quite environmentally aware but always thought, like most people, that we aren’t big enough to change the world. However, we soon realised that if everyone thought the same, then no one would ever take the first step!

"We originally looked at switching to paper straws but found they went soggy too quickly, we then found waxed paper straws but soon realised they are coated in beeswax and therefore not suitable for all vegans. They are also unnecessarily damaging for the environment because there really isn’t enough honey, or bees making honey, as it is.

“After much research we finally found biodegradable cups and straws that are suitable for us and from now on we will only leave behind memories of a perfectly mixed drink and not the cup it was served in.”

“Looking at the number of plastic we dump on our planet and how long it takes to break down it really is an easy pledge," Josh added.

“We encourage everyone to look into alternative options for plastic and get on board with doing their bit for the future.”