THE DEADLINE begins to loom in for the Salisbury Journal Education Awards.

There’s still time to get your nomination in for the prestigious awards which will take place at the Stones Hotel, Salisbury, on July 6th.

The awards offer a chance to recognise some of the tremendous work that goes on in our schools and colleges at all levels, from those who volunteer their services right up to those who provide great leadership.

The Journal is seeking our readers’ nominations across a whole range of categories:

Career Education and Guidance Award: A teacher, staff member or individual, who has been able to assist a pupils in an inspired way in their first steps in their career.

College Teacher of the Year: As our students move on towards employment, it takes a special type of tutor to ensure they can prepare for the most important examinations of their career.

Community Involvement Award: The input from a community group can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of a school or college. Its integration with those who recognise its asset is again a prize worth shouting about.

Innovation Award: Schools and colleges are not only seats of learning, they are places where creativity is in abundance. We want to hear about where creativity has been put to use for the benefit of the school/college.

Nursery/Primary Teacher of the Year: They play such an important part in helping youngsters get into the learning habit and tap into the imaginations of the young ones in a way that opens their horizons.

Secondary Teacher of the Year: When the baton is passed to the secondary schools a moment has arrived when pupils learn to be serious students – especially if their hope is to progress on into university or some higher form of education.

Supporting Staff Member: Supporting staff members are on occasions the unsung heroes of the classroom. By giving that extra help they ensure that the day’s tasks are completed, and individual excel.

Leadership Award: Any good educational establishment needs someone at the top who leads the way. It can sometimes be a lonely place to be, but and success is often determined by the skills and the direction of the principal or head teacher.

Business in Schools Award: The inspiration of young people in the field of business could never be more important. We are looking for where this has been achieved with examples of strategy and outcome.

Special Educational Needs Staff Award: For those requiring special educational needs the skill of the teacher can sometimes be so much more acute.

Bill Browne, Publisher of the Journal, said: “Anyone involved in our schools and colleges can nominate, whether they are parent, pupil, teacher or leader.  We just want to hear about all the good things that are going on.

“This is the third year of the awards and we hope that by highlighting all that’s good in this important part of our society we can encourage others to follow.

“All those who have put their name to these awards truly believe in education and they will add to the voice of encouragement that’s so important in this vital profession.”

This year’s awards event takes place at the Stones Hotel, on July 6th and nominations can be made up until June 8th. Click here to nominate.