THE centre of our city is today (Thursday) close to impassable due to preparation for two ridiculous bicycle races.

When were the residents of Salisbury ever asked if they wished to have their city so disrupted?

What gives the two councils the right to think that they can override the day-to-day needs and requirements of the electorate?

Organising, condoning and assisting preparation for such an event is nothing less than contemptuous arrogance on the part of both councils.

Filling in potholes that have been a danger on the city streets for months, if not years, especially to accommodate these races can only be considered further demonstration of contempt for the people of Salisbury. And then there is the vast array of dangerous signage temporarily attached to signposts at eye level. Clearly the councils have never heard of Health and Safety...

The whole thing is an absolute disgrace. All councillors on both councils should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for allowing any of this to take place!

Eric G Hart