DETECTIVE Sergeant Nick Bailey was poisoned with a nerve agent when he and other officers attended Sergei Skripal’s home looking for evidence including signs of drug use or suicide notes.

Chief Constable Kier Pritchard told the Journal he had watched evidence from body-worn cameras used by officers who first attended the scene on March 4, and that their response to the incident was “first class”.

“We would not have known from those first hours what we were dealing with. At that time we didn’t know, and why would they, if there was anything other than a medical incident, or something that was drug-related or something more sinister,” he said.

CC Pritchard said DS Bailey was one of a team of officers who attended Mr Skripal’s home in Christie Miller Road, after the Russian former-spy and his daughter were found slumped on a bench in the city three months ago.

He said officers were looking for information to establish a timeline of events and explain why the Skripals had fallen “gravely ill”, as well as making sure there was nobody else affected.

“That [information] could be a suicide note, it could be evidence of drugs, it could be evidence of some form of substance,” CC Pritchard added.

And he said DS Bailey (pictured) and his family are still receiving support from Wiltshire Police.

CC Pritchard said: “Nick has been to Wiltshire Police headquarters, he came in last week and that was a very positive step forward.

“This has been a long three months for many of us can you just imagine the impact on your children and your wife and your family life when all you’re trying to do is your job? My heart absolutely goes out to Nick and his family over all that they’ve suffered.”

CC Pritchard said officers at the scene underwent a “decontamination process” at Salisbury District Hospital overnight on Sunday and into Monday morning, after details of the attack became clearer.

And, following that, Wiltshire Police set up a “welfare cell” to help affected officers understand and work through the psychological effects of the attack.

“We have supported over 90 members of our staff in either one to one sessions or group meetings,” CC Pritchard revealed. “Of course one of those 90 will be Nick Bailey”.

CC Pritchard shared his pride in Wiltshire Police, and the citizens of Salisbury, for their response to the “colossal events”.

“We [Wiltshire Police] have the ability and the confidence to be able to deal with international and global issues. I hope that provides real confidence to the public of how proud they can be.

“And I want to put on record how proud I am of the community of Salisbury. They have demonstrated the true brilliance of a community.

“Despite a global issue, and despite the massive impact, the way the Salisbury general public has responded has been exemplary."