A COMMUNITY music group designed to help those with lung conditions has celebrated its first birthday.

Singing for Lung Health members celebrated the anniversary with a special event on Tuesday afternoon.

The group was established as part of an initiative from the British Lung Foundation, for people suffering from any kind of lung condition or disease.

Singing leader Liv McLennan teaches the group techniques to help control their breathing while singing, which can be transferred to everyday life.

Some members have noticed health improvements, such as being able to walk further without stopping, as well as enjoying the social side of the group.

Liv was trained by the British Lung Foundation, who also provided seed funding for the project.

“It’s had such a massive impact,” she said. “The group have become very close and all look out for each other.”

The anniversary event was attended by the Mayor of Salisbury Mike Osment as well as representatives from Wiltshire Creative and Salisbury hospital.

“It was lovely, exactly how it should be,” Liv said. “The group has really taken off and gone way beyond any expectations I ever had, it’s fantastic.”

The group sings repertoires that will encourage healthy breathing techniques, as well as popular music including Elvis and the Beatles. It meets every Tuesday between 2.30pm and 3.30pm at the Tesco Community Space on Southampton Road.

Contact Liv on 07446 902118 or livmclennan@yahoo.com