A RURAL road was blocked by a HGV that had attempted to avoid a long diversion in the New Forest - just days after a road in Ringwood was closed.

The HGV became stuck on the unnamed road between Crow and Bransgore yesterday morning.

Despite the nature of the highways, large vehicles have been seen attempting to use various narrow rural routes due to the closure of Christchurch Road.

The signposted diversion has proved controversial, sending motorists on an 18-mile detour around the Dorset/Hampshire border.

Local motorists have used small roads around Hightown and Crow, but these have been labelled as “unsuitable” for larger vehicles.

The 18-mile diversion was put in place as the safest option for HGVs to use.

However, some drivers have taken their own route, including an AJ Brunt haulage, which vehicle blocked one side of the unnamed road causing delays and frustrations for other road users.

Simon Crabb, marketing manager for Win at Retail in Ringwood, who commutes from Christchurch to Ringwood every day, said: “The back road from Bransgore up to Crow is not even a B road.

ADVERTISING inRead invented by Teads “It’s fine for cars and vans, but I’ve never seen an HGV along it until these roadworks started.

“There was branches down all along the road, and the lorry had finally got stuck in a large branch.”

Mr Crabb said various other heavy goods vehicles have been seen using this road, and Crow Lane, which he says is unsuitable for heavy goods vehicles.

“I’ve had to double my travel time, it usually takes 20 to 30 minutes, but it’s been taking up to an hour, especially in the evenings,” Mr Crabb said.

Ringwood Mayor Tim Ward said the anticipated fears over the closure had not come to the fore over the first few days of the closure.

“There have been problems, but not as bad as some people were worried about.” Cllr Ward said.

 “It was inevitable local road users would find ways round this, but the roads are unsuitable for HGVs. It hasn’t actually worked out as badly as we feared, but as soon as we have one issue everything comes to a standstill.”

The closure at Christchurch Road is in place until June 25.