BATTERIES stolen from temporary traffic lights, anti-social behaviour and a suspicious incident involving a car overtaking on the A338 with blue lights on were in the April and May crime reports for Fordingbridge town.

The reports were discussed during a meeting of Fordingbridge Town Council on June 7.

Anti-social behaviour increased from three in April to 26 in May with many relating to incidents in the Roundhill area.

Incidents of violence against the person was six in April and three in May.

There were two residential burglaries in April and one in May where an attempt was made to enter a shed. In May, there were also reports of people entering a church through an unlocked door but nothing was stolen.

In April there were 14 incidents of criminal damage, including damage to vehicles, a ball bearings being shot at a door and nine incidents relating to St Mary’s Church.

This dropped to three in May with damage to a wing mirror, a car being keyed and a shop window being smashed.

There were eight thefts in April, including shoplifting, theft of lead from a roof, cables from a mains generator, a battery from temporary traffic lights, and a tree taken from a communal area.

This dropped to five in May with another theft of a battery from a temporary traffic light, a trailer being taken from a farm yard, money being taken from a person and prescription medication being taken from a home.

In April, there were 11 suspicious incidents including a male shining a torch into a camper van.

This was down to seven in May with incidents including males loitering in a car, males in a rear garden, a male suspected of pointing a fire arm on a property and a car overtaking on the A338 with blue lights on.