BREAMORE Primary School has been recognised for its efforts to raise awareness of global poverty receiving a bronze award from Christian Aid’s Global Neighbours scheme.

Executive headteacher Emma Clark said: “We are thrilled to be recognised for the work we have done as a whole school community to raise awareness of the extreme inequalities across our globe and perhaps more importantly, the steps we can take to address these.

“Our world is increasingly connected and our hope is for our children to grow as responsible global citizens who care about issues such as the environment and access to healthcare.”

Caroline Weir, education coordinator at Christian Aid, said: “The Global Neighbours Scheme was launched in partnership with the Church of England’s Education Office with a vision of helping young people understand more about the inequalities in this world and helping them to become courageous advocates for those who have no voice. It’s wonderful to see how staff and pupils at Breamore CE Primary have taken this to heart and are seeking to tackle injustice."