THE first of three special night-time showings of Les Colombes took place at Salisbury Cathedral.

The cathedral is staying open late on selected nights to allow after hours viewing of Michael Pendry’s installation.

The installation is made up of 3,000 origami doves and features a specially tailored lighting and sound show. The two remaining sessions start after Evensong at 6.15pm and run until 9.30pm on June 28 and July 12.

Curator Jacquiline Creswell, said: “My original vision was that Les Colombes would exhibited with its specially created sound and light design but in a working Cathedral it is not that easy to schedule that sort of display, so we decided on these late night events as an alternative.”

“It is a chance to experience the full drama of the doves.

“The effect is mesmerising, providing an escape from everyday life and a chance to pause, reflect and contemplate the graceful flock and all it stands for.”

Les Colombes is on display until July 22.