EIGHTEEN drivers were stopped and reported to court last weekend for speeding on A303 and A338.

The Road Policing Unit were patrolling the country on June 30 and July 1 monitoring speeds during the hot weather, and just under half of the reported drivers were caught speeding over 100mph.

PC Will Ayres said: “All 18 drivers stopped were exceeding the speed limit so much that they could not be dealt with at the roadside with a conditional fixed penalty ticket, and will now have to attend court.

“The speed limits are there for a reason, and if you aren’t driving within these limits you aren’t in proper control."

Drivers were travelling too fast to be dealt with on roadside, one driver caught speeding at 120mph on the A303, 50mph over the national speed limit.

He added: "Driving at just a few miles over the limit can lead to tragic circumstances and we do not want to be informing anyone that their loved one has been seriously injured or killed due to speeding.”