ANGRY villagers have demanded action over dangerous driving through Durrington after a traffic check found 70 per cent of drivers were speeding.

The call for action came from residents on Netheravon Road at a public meeting on Monday night, attended by town council chairman John Todd and Graham Wright, local Wiltshire councillor for Durrington and Larkhill.

One woman said: “I have seven children that I have to walk across this road, and my heart stops every time I have to try and get them to the other side of the road. I’ve been walking across the road for the last eight years, and in the last 18 months it has got so much worse”.

Another resident added: “The level of traffic and speed by the houses has quadrupled in the last 20 years. I’ve seen it escalate over the years. Lorries cross the roundabout like it’s Brands Hatch”.

Following a meeting in June, Durrington residents were asked to collect evidence of cars speeding.

They recorded 625 cars during two different checks, clocking speeds of 37 to 55mph well over the 30mph speed limit.

Lovell, the construction company building new houses on the A345, also collected data on the afternoon of June 12. The speed of cars was monitored between the hours of 3pm and 4pm, and of 250 cars recorded, 175 were found to be speeding.

Cllr Wright said he will take solution suggestions to the council including extending the 30mph limit from the Stonehenge Inn roundabout down to the Durrington cemetery, and working with the police and Speedwatch to secure a police presence when possible, but said they were “long term actions” that could take six months to achieve.

Cllr Todd said: “The quick fix is to identify when cars were speeding, and number plates. Keep that going for a couple of weeks and we can then take that to Wiltshire Council as evidence. You [residents] want to see some rapid things happening, which we can’t promise you”.