VISITORS to The Rifles Berkshire and Wiltshire Museum in Salisbury were able to find out more about what happened to soldiers and civilians when the First World War ended.

The museum held a free family event on Thursday, which was led by the Trowbridge Museum education team, featured hands-on challenges and dressing up opportunities.

It is part of a series of events at the museum to commemorate 100 years of the final year of the First World War.

A spokesman for the museum said: "

“WW1 at the Rifles was a wonderful success at The Rifles Berkshire and Wiltshire Museum.  The event was led by Trowbridge Museum Education team who had us all captivated and wanting to know more about what happened to those who survived the First World War. 

"The event was held in the museum’s garden which gave everyone the opportunity to try the fun, hands-on challenges, dressing-up, have a run around or just quietly sit under one of our splendid trees. 

"It was forecast to be a very hot day but the shade made it lovely and cool in the garden.  Many of those who attended the event said they went away having learnt something new, which was our intention but in an informal, fun way.  Some even did the event twice they enjoyed it so much. 

"Our intention was to devise an event which would help keep the memory of what happened 100 years ago alive and relevant to the next generation.  I think we achieved that."

The Rifles museum is also hosting a touring exhibition of I am a Rifleman.

The exhibition, which runs from Friday, August 3 until September 8, tells the story of Britain’s largest infantry Regiment, The Rifles.

The stories range from medal recipients to injured soldiers.

I am a Rifleman is part of a UK wide exhibition tour.

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