I DECIDED to go down to the Old Mill hotel for a refreshing pint of cider on Saturday evening, and hopefully to enjoy the sights and sounds of others doing the same.

The mix of drinkers, diners and hotel guests was the usual happy group enjoying the warm evening.

But then I saw a police car arrive whose occupants had words with a group of what used to be known as yobs!

They were intent, it seemed, on upsetting both customers and staff by acting in what can only be described as a stroppy manner.

As the Town Path has only recently been reopened I felt that such behaviour was not required or helpful.

So the picture of a pleasant evening for tourists/visitors and locals was sadly marred.

One young lady was taken away in handcuffs by a police officer.

According to a Harnham lady whom I spoke to there had been a rise in anti-social behaviour recently around the hotel.

I fervently hope that our councillors and city managers take urgent action to prevent any such repeat of this silly mindless behaviour.

Colin Duller