I WAS in Salisbury on Wednesday afternoon, had attempted to park my car inside the faded white lines in Central car park, (Waitrose end) and noticed a couple looking confused at the ticket machine.

By the time I’d locked up, I walked up to the couple, who turned out to be German visitors, to say that it was FREE parking after 1200, but they were still unsure, so I showed them my car saying that I have no ticket, and mentioned it was free parking for everyone, as it was to encourage people like them to come to Salisbury after the March poisonings.

They were very grateful and understood what I meant, and went on their way without having fed the machine.

But I wonder how many other people in Salisbury still pay to park after 1200 ?

It’s not obvious that its free to park. The new machines aren’t switched off after 1200, and the ‘not so good’ A4 laminated posters are not close by saying that it's free either.

Even myself, a resident of Salisbury, still looks on the Council website to make sure it’s free when I go in.

Why not have large signs coming into Salisbury informing our foreign visitors and everyone else its free, Or have some very obvious signs by the ticket machines telling everyone its free after 1200, and all day Saturday and Sunday

Freddie Stacey