A VAN belonging to a Salisbury-based disaster response charity has been trashed by vandals.

The vehicle was damaged in Chilmark where Serve On train.

It is not known exactly when the damage occurred but it is believed to have happened in the last two weeks.

Paint was thrown over the vehicle and the windscreen and windows were smashed.

Vandals also ransacked the inside of the vehicle taking a radio and a battery and smashing the fuse box.

"It is just in a sorry state," said Craig Elsdon, Serve On's operations manager. "It is an old vehicle anyway but now it is beyond economical repair."

"We are a charity aiming to help people. Kit like this is really essential to us.

"The point here is they have got enough time to do this if they want to know what we do come and ask.

"Why don't you come and volunteer and learn some skills in water rescue and how to support the emergency services. Please don't damage our truck."

Craig says the damage to the vehicle means they have been unable to move it and it has created a "massive" amount of extra work for the charity as they deal with the mess left behind.

The van is used by the charity to get volunteers to the airport for international deployments.

Craig added: "We are lucky enough to have another vehicle to fulfil that role."

"I felt quite a range of emotions, not just the shock of it," he said. "It does have an impact on what we do.

"Volunteers give their time and are emotionally invested and the van belongs to all of them. It hurts them.

"We will have to change how we do things. We can't leave equipment.

"We would rather spend the money on training or deployment than beefing up security.

"The damage, it's mindless."

Anyone with information about the damage call police on 101.

For those wanting to find out more about Serve On go to serveon.org.uk or email info@serveon.org.uk

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