FORDINGBRIDGE councillor Ann Sevier, who has been a commoner for a number of years, is starring in a new television series focusing on the ancient traditions in the New Forest.

A Year in the New Forest is a four-part insight into what the makers describe as the “unique nature” of the people and animals who live in the area.

The episodes follow life in the Forest through the seasons, celebrating its landscape and the people who care passionately about preserving its ancient way of life.

The filming took place over a number of months.

Ann, who is a councillor on New Forest District Council, said: “It is about the whole life of the Forest. It is a nice programme to watch and makes people think about the Forest and what happens in the Forest and what maintains it from the keepers to the woodmen to the commoners.”

“It was rather amusing they actually portrayed me as the old, wise woman of the Forest. Everyone finds that funny.”

“They never managed to film my best side,” jokes Ann.

Filming took a whole year with camera crews tagging along with Ann one day a week.

She added: “I ended up taking a newspaper in the car and reading it and doing the crossword while they set up.”

The next episode is being show on Channel 4 on Saturday, 7pm.