A "MOVING" journey awaits audiences as multi award-winning play Duet for One comes to Salisbury Playhouse.

Stephanie Abrahams (Belinda Lang), a concert violinist who seemingly has it all, is forced to re-evaluate her life when struck down by an unforeseen tragedy.

Faced with a truth too difficult to comprehend, she consults psychiatrist Dr Feldmann (Jonathan Coy) and through a series of highly charged encounters is led to examine her deepest emotions and consider her future after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Jonathan says: "It is a rather wonderful, moving, and at times funny, cathartic journey with these two people.

"It is a very specific story that touches on a bigger theme of loss and coping with loss, which is a universal theme and what is powerful about it."

"It is basically about a concert violinist who is faced with this crisis in her life that she won't be able to fulfill what has been her calling since the age of about six. She comes to see me, a psychiatrist, slightly reluctantly to begin with, to try and get her through this crisis," he explains.

He says there will be a "feisty duel" between the two characters throughout the play.

"He (Dr Feldmann) sees his role to challenge her and try and break her through to seeing a way forward," says Jonathan.

“She is quite a feisty character and gives him quite a rough ride and takes the mickey out of his whole process.”

Jonathan, who has known Belinda for a number of years, says he is looking forward to working with her and performing at Salisbury Playhouse.

He adds: “Belinda and I have known each other for a very long time. We have worked together a couple of times. The director is an old friend of mine so that will be nice to see him again.

“It is one of the big plus sides of this funny job we do. You don’t see people for years and pick from where you left off ten years before.”

On what audiences can expect from the show, he says: "They can expect a fascinating exchange between two interesting characters and a journey that is funny at times and kind of cathartic at the end."

Other shows at the Playhouse include The Goon Show, which runs from September 4-8, and Alan Bennett's The Habit of Art, starring Matthew Kelly (September 17-22)

Duet for One runs in the Main House from September 10-15.

For tickets call 01722 320 333 or go to wiltshirecreative.co.uk