SPRINKLERS helped save the day when a fire broke out in a flat in Salisbury.

The fire at Avon Reach in Middleton Road happened just before 11am yesterday (August 15) and was extinguished when the sprinkler system activated.

As a result, the fire service says, the damage was contained and there was minimal water damage.

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service is again promoting the installation of automatic fire sprinklers in residential properties.

Group Manager Tim Gray, the head of fire safety, said: “Because of the quick activation of sprinklers, not only did the occupier escape unharmed, the damage to the flat was minimal. Automatic sprinkler systems are one of the best ways to suppress a fire at the earliest opportunity. On this occasion, only one fire crew from Salisbury was required to attend, and no further firefighting was needed as the single sprinkler head had extinguished the fire, which was caused by lit tealights being left on a windowsill before igniting the curtains.”

The Fire and Rescue Service supports developers and works with local authority building control departments to promote the use of sprinklers where possible.

There is currently no legislative requirement for sprinkler systems in residential premises, so the Service works with other organisations, including the National Fire Sprinkler Network, to promote sprinklers for both new builds and retro-fitting.

For more information go to dwfire.org.uk/sprinklers