I MAKE no apologies for including a subject this week that readers of ‘Bygone Salisbury’ always enjoy – Salisbury pubs!

Terry Grace from Amesbury attended the recent ‘Bar Trek’ walking tour which charted the history of many Salisbury inns and taverns.

In particular, Mr Grace enjoyed Paula Elliott talking about her memories of working at Salisbury’s Berni Inn which was situated at the County Hotel.

Indeed Mr Grace has contributed the following memories on the subject:

“My memories of the Berni Inn are from around 1970-71. We were newly married and trying to save up to buy a house so we could only afford small luxuries. One of these was going to the County Hotel on a Friday night and having the three-course meal of soup, gammon steak and pineapple (that was really adventurous) and Neapolitan ice cream for afters – and all for 10 bob as I remember it! The place was nearly always completely full.

“Readers of this column might also remember that Salisbury had two other Berni Inns, one at the Old Coach House in Milford Street, and the other at the Wheatsheaf in the New Canal.

“Tour guide Paula gave me this fascinating account of working at the County Hotel in the 1970s: ‘I had a Saturday job there as a waitress which I started at the tender age of twelve-and-a-half! There was the Moonraker Bar, The Tavern Bar, The Bridge Bar and the Scotts Bar. Two celebrities that I remember serving on separate occasions were Dick Emery and Barbara Windsor but they didn’t leave a very big tip which was unfortunate because my wages amounted to £1.25 per hour. Looking at the 1970s Berni Inn menu today it is difficult to believe the prices – a prime rump steak was 77p and a bottle of Spanish wine was 84p!’”