A WOMAN received the surprise of her life after jumping from a plane 10,000ft above Old Sarum. 

On Friday, July 13, Matej Navara, a computer programmer, and Anastasiia Golovina, an opera singer, drove to Salisbury, after Matej contacted GoSkydive.

The couple completed the jump, and after landing, Matej retrieved an engagement ring from staff and prepared for Anastasiia to land minutes later.

After she stood up she saw Matej on one knee with ring-in-hand.

“It was the perfect moment,” Matej said. “It all went how I wanted and she was very emotional."

Matej, who had been planning the proposal for months, said GoSkydive helped him create the perfect moment. 

And the couple, from London, are trying to dispel the myth about Friday the 13th being an unlucky day, having first met on the date in 2016 and becoming engaged two years later. They said it has become the lucky date in their calendar.

They went on to celebrate every subsequent Friday the 13th with meals out or go-karting.

Matej added: “I didn’t even tell her where we were going on the day and when she landed, full of adrenaline, I was down on one knee with a diamond encrusted engagement ring. Luckily, she said yes.

“I drove out to Salisbury and I think she reckoned we were going horse-riding, because it was in the countryside.

"I think she was a bit nervous when we pulled up and she realised it was a skydive, but, luckily, she agreed to give it a go.

“We had the perfect Friday the 13th and we’re going to keep celebrating them, even after the wedding.”

Carl Griffiths, marketing manager at GoSkydive said: “There is something really special about a marriage proposal following a skydive, what a way to cap off the experience of a lifetime.

"Good luck to Matej and Anastasiia.”