MEDCENTRES Plus in Salisbury has undergone a £100,000 upgrade to support their healthcare facilities and provide NHS services.

The clinic on Avon Approach takes pride in supporting affordable and independent healthcare services including travel vaccinations, GP appointments and medicals, ear correction, minor one-day surgeries and aesthetic work.

The investment to improve facilities and services was made collaboratively by Medcentres Plus and Independent Health Group (IHG).

IHG are a leading provider of NHS surgical services and wanted to bring slightly different, NHS- funded procedures to the building.

Medcentres Plus will be hosting the new facilities and services, so IHG are able to support the NHS community by offering NHS patients treatment in the centre of the city.

This enables other clinics and hospitals to have the space and staff for more urgent and timely surgery.

Director of Medcentres Plus, Mike Arnold said: “We are delighted to be working with IHG and to have made this significant investment in our facilities to support NHS services.

"We are very proud of our clinic and the care our clinicians provide, and working with IHG to improve our facilities fits perfectly with our ethos of providing the highest quality care for patients.”

Mr Arnold added: “If there is a service we can provide affordably under clinical governance than we will do it and hopefully provide those services to patients."

The initial plans for the investment began at the end of 2017, and after eight months of planning and construction the upgraded facilities opened this August.

Around £50,000 of the investment went towards air filtration, which ensures the surgical spaces are at the same standard as a hospital setting with the same quality of facilities.

Dr Matthew Wordsworth, Medical Director of IHG said: “We have been successfully providing services to patients in the North and West of Wiltshire for twelve years and are delighted through this joint investment to now be able to offer the same high quality services where patients always come first to the residents of South Wiltshire.”

IHG nurse, Bridget Spencer, who has been working within Salisbury's Medcentres Plus since August said: “It’s lovely - it’s been a long time coming with lots of planning but we’re finally here.

“The patients we’ve seen already are happy, they’re very pleased to be here and seem pleased with the level of care.”