ELEVEN takeaways or sandwich shops in Salisbury and South Wiltshire were given a rating of three.

The rating by the Food Standards Agency means hygiene standards are generally satisfactory.

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Takeaways rated three and the date of their last inspection

Good Choice Takeaway, Porton. March 2018.

Tisbury Fish Bar, Tisbury. February 2018.

Durrington Kebab House, Durrington. December 2017.

Gourmet Oriental Wilton Fish Bar, Wilton. November 2016.

Wok with U, Durrington. March 2018.

Dominic Pizza Kebab, Salisbury. September 2017.

Harbour, Salisbury. March 2018.

King’s Wok, Salisbury. July 2018.

Popeyes, Salisbury. May 2018.

Salisbury Spice, Salisbury. January 2018.

Yummy Express, Salisbury. September 2017.