A NEW Amesbury cocktail lounge has been granted its request to extend its music hours on Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and bank holidays.

Despite resident concerns about the most recent addition to Amesbury nightlife, The Bank, visitors can enjoy the cocktail lounge’s music for longer during these calendar dates.

Confirmed by Southern Area Licensing Sub Committee on Monday, The Bank will provide music from 8am - 2am on Christmas Eve and bank holidays, and on New Years Eve the venue will be open with music from 8am until the start of business the following day.

Environmental Health will continue to have surveillance over the club until an agreed level of sound is decided by the end of September, but the volume of music is currently in line with planning conditions.

To ensure issues surrounding antisocial behaviour and noise are still tackled, The Bank will have a minimum of five doormen/supervisors on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays until 30 minutes after closing, alcohol sales will begin from 12pm (instead of 8am), and entrance to the building will be through the side door only.

Owner Nathan Muirhead said: “I’m feeling very positive that the committee took on board the excellent measures we have in place to tackle antisocial behaviour and public nuisance, that we are proactive in adapting to meet the needs of the local residents, and that we welcome Environmental Health setting some limits. This gives us a boundary to work within -and it’s difficult to operate without them.”

Mr Muirhead added: “Over the next few weeks we have ABBA night, Oktoberfest, Halloween Monster Mash Ball, Kids GOLD event, cinema twice a week and more. We are so much more than a cocktail bar.”