A PRESCHOOL has been closed as a result of an increase in rent.

Crazy Critters Preschool, on Stratford Road, closed its doors to children at the beginning of September, following the committee in charge of its venue announcing they will charge the school an extra £5 a day, on top of its current rent of £30 daily.

Stratford Road Social Club’s committee claimed the rent increase was instructed by Salisbury City Council who they lease the building from, but the preschool team were later told the council had nothing to do with the decision, as confirmed by city clerk, Annie Child.

She said: “The club committee determine the hiring arrangements with a variety of groups and this is between the club committee and the hirer. The council notes, with regret, that it would seem that the Crazy Critter Preschool and the Stratford Road Social Club Committee are unable to agree hiring arrangements which are satisfactory to both parties.”

Despite a petition of almost 300 signatures and further counsellor advice, the relationship between the tenants and the committee has "broken down [and] become strained", and so the venue "is not an environment for valuable children", said owner of Crazy Critters, Sharon Jones.

Sharon added: "Alex Williams being a very passionate parent of the preschool as well as this community went all out to save the preschool, arranging a meeting with John Glen [MP], he pulled all parties together.

"Councillor Mathew Dean tried his best to provide ideas and suggestions supporting the club.

"It's all too little too late and should have been done a lot sooner when we first sought help back in June."