FOUNDED on April 23, 1968 The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers incorporated four English Fusilier battalions, The Royal Fusiliers (The City of London Regiment), The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, The Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers and the Lancashire Fusiliers.

Sadly, in just 50 years there is now just one regular Fusilier battalion based at Tidworth and a Reserve Army battalion, the 5th Fusiliers. Both battalions were joined by soldiers from their affiliated Canadian Reservist units the Lorne Scots and Royal Westminster Regiment to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

The soldiers formed up at The Tower of London, their Regimental Headquarters, where they were inspected by their Royal Colonel in Chief, the Duke of Kent and the Mayor of London before proudly marching through the streets of London with colours flying, bayonets fixed and bands playing to the cheers of huge crowds along the route.

The was the culmination of the Fusilier 50 celebrations which have been taking place across the country in their traditional recruiting areas.

It was quickly back to normal, just days after marching through the City of London, Z Coy are now focussing on a different type of urban activity in the Centre d’entrainement aux actions en zone urbaine (CENZUB), a purpose-built facility for training French armed forces in urban warfare skills. It is located at Sissonne in north-eastern France.