FREE public transport will be offered to under 19s today, as part of World Car Free Day.

Salisbury Reds are celebrating the event by giving youngsters free travel on any of their buses when accompanied by a fare paying adult.

World Car Free Day is an initiative encouraging the public to be more aware of their transport usage, and how alternatives to driving (bus, cycle, walk and train), can lead to an improvement in congestion and air quality.

Andrew Wickham, Salisbury Reds managing director said: “At Salisbury Reds, we welcome any initiative designed to reduce the harmful effects exhaust emissions have on the environment.

“World Car Free Day ties in perfectly with what we are trying to achieve in Salisbury - buses provide the perfect and affordable solution to reducing air pollution, so we’re proud to have invested millions of pounds in improving the comfort and reliability of our services here."

Andrew added: “Our team is hoping youngsters and their parents will take advantage of the chance to travel with us for free on Saturday September 22 - particularly those who may otherwise use their cars.

"We look forward to welcoming them on board.”