A PART-TIME delivery driver who had up to £45,000-worth of drugs in his home has been jailed after a judge said the case was "tragic".

Shuabur Rahman was arrested as he drove in Newton Lane, Verwood on November 25, 2016. When police said they wanted to search Rahman's car, he immediately said he had "two 20-bags, some C and some Mandy" in the vehicle.

His home in Glenives Close, St Ives, was then searched. Detectives found cocaine, MDMA, cannabis, designer drug Alpha PVP and former legal highs now graded as class Cs.

He also had anti-psychotic drugs often prescribed for people with schizophrenia, which are graded as class C when taken recreationally.

The total worth of the drugs in his home is estimated as being between £34,000 and £45,000.

Rahman, now 28, was working part-time when he was arrested. However, despite the fact his official earnings were taxed just £65 that financial year, between January 5, 2015, and November 2, 2016, he had made £28,000 in cash deposits to his bank account.

During an initial interview with police, the defendant suggested the drugs were for his personal use.

He later admitted two counts of possession of a class A with intent to supply, two of possession of a class B with intent to supply, three of possession of a class C with intent to supply and one of acquiring, using or possessing criminal property, and appeared at Bournemouth Crown Court last week for sentence.

Proceeds of Crime Act proceedings have been launched with the aim of recouping some of the money he made through dealing drugs.

Tom Evans, mitigating, said Rahman had been "both naive and immature."

"He started using because he was suffering from depression," he said.

"To a great extent, his arrest has given him the wake-up call he needed. He has moved away from the area and completely separated himself from his old associates. He is now living in Essex. He has stopped taking drugs.

"He is working and he is in a stable relationship."

Probation Service officials say the defendant is unlikely to reoffend.

Judge Stephen Climie said he had received a number of "impressive" references about the defendant's character, adding: "It makes it all the more tragic."

"Courts cannot be seen to be either condoning or being sympathetic towards defendants," he said.

"Yours is in some ways a tragic case of a young man who had considerable potential but for a lapse into the use and abuse of illicit drugs.

"That has been your downfall."

Rahman, who was supported in court by members of his family, was sentenced to 30 months in prison.