DINNER will be served to the homeless and isolated as part of Christmas day celebrations in Salisbury nightclub.

The Chapel Nightclub will be teaming up with Belko's Burgers and several other organisations to put together the feast for those who may be spending Christmas outside or alone.

“The aim is to provide a special day, where those who attend feel part of the community," commented organiser of the event, Thom Belk.

“It hasn’t been an easy year for Salisbury as a city - those that are homeless or are at risk, have at times felt the strain of the events much more than the rest of the residents.

“Christmas, like many special events, is a lovely occasion which we enjoy, but take for granted - for those that are homeless, alone or under-privileged it can be a time of reflection, sadness and loneliness.”

Mayor of Salisbury Mike Osment, who will be attending the meal with Mayoress Nikki Savage, said: “The mayoress and I are delighted to be supporting this project and look forward to spending Christmas day helping to provide a meal and company to those in need in Salisbury.”

Volunteers are needed to help make the meal a success, with jobs including cooking, waiting on tables or entertaining the guests.

Thom added: "For those who are contemplating volunteering, I can tell you from experience that is really a special and rewarding experience.”

Additionally donations are welcome to help both fund the meal and provide gift bags for guests to take home.

For more information about volunteering, or providing a sponsor, present or food, contact Thom by emailing: thombelk@icloud.com or to donate visit the Justgiving page.