AN AUTHOR and former guide at Salisbury Cathedral rekindled his memories during a special return visit.

Author and historian Tim Hatton OBE, 93, spent 20 years as a cathedral guide, mentoring dozens of junior colleagues before stepping down five years ago.

This was his first trip back, something the staff at Colten Care’s Braemar Lodge were only too happy to arrange.

Tim said: “It’s wonderful to be back. I’ve had a jolly good time and tour round.”

Among those welcoming him back was current head guide Chris Barnard who joined the cathedral in 2005 and fondly recalls Tim’s help.

Chris said: “Tim has a great sense of humour and a huge knowledge of the cathedral. He helped make us feel like a family. We were and still are a very happy team.”

Fellow guide Mary McGill said: “Tim is such a charming man. We were a smaller team in those days and I remember him and his wife Sarah inviting all of us round to their house for lunch every week.

“Tim was so interested in the cathedral and was always researching and writing about it.”

Tim is the author of a book on the history of Salisbury Cathedral, The Man Who Moved a Cathedral.

He also published an autobiography, Tock Tock Birds, charting his military career including spells with the Indian Army and Gurkha Rifles.

In his 20s, he was a Company Commander during the 1947 partition of the Punjab, helping to escort 100,000 Muslims on foot through hostile Indian territory to the safety of Pakistan.

He later had a distinguished career in the civil service and did voluntary work in education.

Salisbury Cathedral has a team of about 650 volunteers, including 250 floor guides and 45 flower arrangers. Guides take visitors from all round the world on tours.