SPECIAL police constables in Salisbury have been honoured for the valuable support they provided after the nerve agent attack.

The volunteer officers from Salisbury Community Policing Team were presented with the Arthur Ellis Memorial Trophy for Special Constabulary Team of the Year Award at South West region Special Constabulary and Police Support Volunteer Awards on Sunday.

Specials have helped support policing operations after the nerve agent attack in March and the major incident in June. They gave many additional hours and helped ensure Wiltshire Police was able to respond to other incidents effectively and cordons were covered prior to the arrival of mutual aid officers.

They also helped to reassure members of the community.

Special Constable John Martin said: “It is a fantastic achievement for the team to be recognised for their hard work for all that they’ve done to support Salisbury Community Policing Team. I personally take great comfort in being able to support our regular officers at Wiltshire Police.”