STONEHENGE launch new exhibit to tell story of Ancient Britain and Europe.

Making Connections: Stonehenge in its Prehistoric World was revealed on Friday (October 12) in the Stonehenge Visitor Centre, and the exhibit will be demonstrating the shifting relationships between the British Isles and Continental Europe during the neolithic and bronze ages.

From a 6,500-year-old jade axe to a 4,000-year-old golden neck piece, the exhibit will be displaying artefacts to teach the narrative of people and places throughout time.

Susan Greaney, historian at English Heritage said: “This exciting partnership with the British Museum has given us the opportunity to showcase these connections through some beautiful objects, displayed together for the first time at Stonehenge, which help to set the site in its wider European context.

"It has also provided us with an invaluable opportunity to reunite the early bronze age carvings on the surfaces of Stonehenge with the objects – the Arreton axe and copper dagger - that inspired them."

In collaboration with the British Museum, the exhibit at Stonehenge is another event to celebrate 100 years since the iconic monument was gifted to the nation.

Neil Wilkin, British Museum curator, feels the exhibit is "a dream come true" and hopes objects in the exhibit will "stimulate and enchant", adding: "The stories of Stonehenge and the British Museum are interwoven, and Stonehenge has formed an important part of the displays at the British Museum for as long as records and memory permits.

"Thanks to invaluable loans from Wiltshire Museum and Salisbury Museum it’s also been possible to highlight the incredible depth of their collections for telling both local and international stories."

The exhibit will be open until April 21, 2019, and admission is included with a Stonehenge ticket.

For more information visit the English Heritage website.