SATURDAY lunchtime saw Salisbury Rugby Club take over the grill at Nando’s on Milford Street for a special takeover.

The players took to the grills at 11.30am, being taught how to cook the chicken by Nando’s ‘Buddys’ Callum and Asher, who themselves have cooked at special events for Drake and Stormzy.

They then cooked for friends, family and members of the public, in order to help raise funds for Nando’s Fighting Malaria campaign, and the rugby club’s All Change, a major project to build a new state of the art changing room block.

The event was a big success, filling up minutes after the doors opened to the public.

President of the rugby club, Richard Larcombe, said: “It is a pleasure for Salisbury Rugby Club to be able to support Nando’s with their Malaria campaign “Buzz Off” – what an excellent cause.

“It is also an opportunity for the rugby club to show that rugby is a community game and no longer a pastime for large,beer swilling young men.

“We provide rugby at Castle Road for men, women, boys and girls from five-years-of-age to 65 years plus – everyone is welcome.”