WHILST I struggle to see the need to build yet more shops in Salisbury with so many empty, I am primarily concerned with the future of Salisbury Library. The present site is the third building of its type in Salisbury (Endless Street 1890-1905; Chipper Lane 1905-75) and is entirely owned by Wiltshire Council. One supposes that any fourth site resulting from the Maltings Development will also be owned not merely rented (which would bode ill for the future of the service).

The Edwin Young Collection is referred to in the Journal (25 October) but there is also the Creasey Collection of Contemporary Art (named after the generosity of the local author John Creasey) and the involvement the Charity Commission in both. Additionally the importance of the Library in providing "footfall" to any development needs to be clearly recognised and its immense value to the community - young and old - is evident in the fond memories of several generations of users, their children and grandchildren!

It is a resource for Salisbury and - with the help of all the community and the advise of the staff - any arrangements for its future need to be carefully monitored.

Keep up the good work, Annie Riddle and the Journal.

Monte Little