No amount of rebranding will overcome the fundamental problems that prevent Salisbury from growing to be an affluent city offering employment opportunities to its rapidly growing population.

In order to attract substantial businesses and other institutions to our city, it is imperative to have good communications with surrounding population centres.

This means a bypass is essential, to reinvigorate the city centre; as is a transport interchange at the station, together with increased car parking provision there.

This will involve co-operation between te Ministry of Transport, the Highways Agency, South Western Railway, Wiltshire County Council and Salisbury City Council.

The very fact that so many organisations - each with their separate agendas and budgets - need to co-operate makes it very unlikely that they will do so in the foreseeable future.

So, in the short term, could I suggest a flyover at the Southampton Road roundabout, similar to that in Chiswick on the A306 - unsightly, maybe, but effective.

David Bartlett