11am on the 11th day of November marks the time the First World War officially came to an end in 1918. Just after 5am on November 11, 1918, Germany and the Allies signed an armistice - a formal agreement to stop fighting.

Going back to Salisbury of November 1918, the local papers coverage is worth repeating as we approach the centenary of the ending of the Great War.

“Peace has descended once more on Salisbury, that ‘haunt of ancient peace,’ and the blessing of its presence is so great that one can hardly realise it. One feels like a patient who has come into consciousness after a serious operation and hears the words of the doctor telling him that their efforts have been eminently successful and that all he has to do is to get well as fast as he can. Such a patient can never be quite the same again. Let us remember the men who have died in this great struggle for the world’s redemption. And let us remember, too, the unfortunate, the perhaps less fortunate, men who, through living, have met an almost worse fate than death in being victimised by some horrible exhibition of the devilries of war. The nation must be very kind, and constantly very kind, to these broken heroes. It must not be guilty of forgetting them and it must be tender to their relatives, for many of them will need it in more ways than one. There should be a place of honour for them in everybody’s recollection and practical sympathy. Our rejoicings must be tempered by thoughts of those to whom victory for the cause has been brought at such an unstatable personal price. The general elation must not be allowed to run into such extremes that the sorrow and loss of the bereaved will be accentuated thereby.”