A MOTHER was found hanging just a week after her daughter took her own life by the same method, in a "double tragedy" for their family, an inquest heard.

Charlotte Dunne, aged 29, was found in her home at Fairview Road, Wilton on June 10, and her mother Beverley Dickenson, 49, was discovered a week later at her home in the grounds of Wilton House.

At a double inquest in Salisbury this morning (Monday), Coroner Nicholas Rheinberg found that the pair had both died as a result of suicide by hanging.

Charlotte's brother, and Beverley's son, Joe Dunne, said there were no signs his sister had been considering taking her own life in the days before her death.

He had last spoken to her the night before she died, when he confirmed he would collect her the next day for a family meal at his home.

At midday on Sunday, June 10, Mr Dunne had not heard from his sister.

He told the court he "assumed she was still asleep, so I [he] just let her be".

But by that afternoon, he had become concerned for Charlotte's welfare and visited her home at about 7pm, where he found her in her hallway.

Attending officer PC Caroline Ralph said a note had been found on Charlotte's bed.

Mr Rheinberg said: "There doesn't seem to be any doubt that she was contemplating the ending of her life."

And he said Charlotte had just ended a "tempestuous relationship" with her long-term girlfriend, Toyah Goodenough.

In a statement read aloud, Ms Goodenough said her relationship with Charlotte had gone downhill after the pair began drinking and taking drugs together, and that they had split up on May 30, at which time Charlotte was taking "a couple of grams of cocaine about three times a week".

"She told me she wasn't in a good place," Ms Goodenough said, but added that texts from Charlotte on the night before her death did not suggest she was contemplating suicide.

But her father, Neil Buckley, said "Toyah had had a hold over Charlotte" because the pair lived and worked together.

She had also been arrested for actual bodily harm after hitting Ms Goodenough over the head with a plastic lamp during an argument.

He said in the weeks since the pair ended their relationship, Charlotte's mood "seemed to be low" and the last time he saw her, on June 6, Charlotte was not "her usual bubbly self".

This was also the evidence of Charlotte's GP, who said she had attended the Wilton Health Centre on June 8 with complaints of anxiety.

Doctor Francoise van Dorp said Charlotte said she had "had thoughts that life wasn't worth living" but said she was not suicidal as she had her two-year-old niece to live for.

Dr Van Dorp also said Charlotte had attempted a paracetamol overdose in 2016, but that she now "felt silly" about it.

She was prescribed anti-depressants and sleeping tablets.

Charlotte's mother, Beverley, was found hanging a week later in a store room at her home on the Wilton Estate, where she had worked.

Her husband, David Dickenson said she had taken Charlotte's death "quite badly", but had promised him she would not do anything to harm herself.

He said on the night before his wife's death, on June 16, she had been going through some of Charlotte's things.

When he went to bed "everything seemed normal", he said. "I kissed her goodnight and I said, 'I'll catch you later'."

But when he woke up, at about 6am the next day, his wife was not in the bed with him.

Mr Rheinberg said: "[Mr Dickenson] went to look for his wife, expecting to find her asleep downstairs in the chair.

"Instead, he found her hanging in the store room of the property."

Mr Dickenson told the court: "I couldn't believe it, I was in a bit of a state of shock."

Post mortems carried out on both Charlotte and Beverley found they had both been drinking before their deaths, but did not suggest that either would have been heavily intoxicated.

In his conclusion, Mr Rheinberg said Beverley had been "profoundly distressed and disturbed" by Charlotte's death.

He told the pair's family: "I cannot imagine what you're going through, with this double tragedy.

"I hope in time you can come to terms with what has happened."