I DISAGREED with James Bass’s letter “Why not ask the people again?” (Postbag, November 1). What Mr Bass, and many others who didn’t like the outcome of the Brexit Referendum, don’t seem to understand is that the situation we find ourselves in is a result of exactly how democracy works.

John Glen is right. We can’t go back on the decision of the referendum just because some don’t like it or a large proportion couldn’t be bothered to vote. If we did that then no election or referendum would ever be passed.

The line “Had millions of voters known in 2016 what they know now.....” is no grounds for calling for another vote. If you look back the same can be claimed for every single referendum and election we’ve ever had. Once in power most political parties renege on many promises that got them into office.

This is no different with the Brexit Campaign. The problem is that the country was duped into thinking we are still “Great Britain” and can go it alone. We’re not. We’re just a backward thinking little island off the coast of Europe with delusions of grandeur based on our imperial past. In fact one member of the public recently interviewed on TV said the reason he voted Leave was because he thought we should go back to our empire!

Brexit will be a lesson for that 51.9 per cent of the voting public in how they were duped by right wing leaning press and other media. They’ve made that bed and now they’ll have to lie in it.

Hopefully, it will finally shut up the “Eurosceptics” once and for all.

Bill Richards