A BOARD made up of volunteers has been celebrated for donating more than £1 million to a hospital charity.

Odstock Private Care Ltd (OPCL) has been supporting Salisbury District Hospital's Stars Appeal campaign for 11 years, and on Monday, October 22, the team presented the charity with its final donation of £350,000.

The sum announced at the board's celebratory reception was raised over two years, adding to the final total of £1.4 million.

The money has been used to help fund projects and facilities in the hospital including dementia support, free wifi, arts to enhance the appearance of the buildings, and schemes to improve staff wellbeing and the overall hospital experience.

OPCL has handled patients who choose to pay for their care and treatment since 2007, and this service will now return to Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust.

Chairman of OPCL, Stephen Oxley, commended staff for their "hard work, efficiency and dedication", adding: "We have now come to the end of this journey and I thank everyone who has been involved with OPCL for their support.

"I sincerely hope that private patient services will continue at Salisbury hospital and thrive.”

Cara Charles-Barks, chief executive for Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust added: “This latest donation will help the Stars Appeal to continue funding many of their ongoing projects which so greatly enhance the care that the hospital provides for local people.

"As chief executive, I want to express my thanks to everyone involved with OPCL for this donation and the contribution that they have made to healthcare in Salisbury over the past 11 years.”