A VIRTUAL reality experience is coming to Salisbury today as part of Remembrance Weekend celebrations.

Nothing to be Written is a seven- minute interactive tale, giving users a chance to understand and feel the gap between families at home and soldiers on the front line through virtual reality (VR).

The music and visuals created by Anna Meredith, 59 Productions and BBC Proms has been inspired by field postcards, that were used for communication during the First World War.

Field postcards were frequently sent by soldiers to connect with loved ones, using prepared stock phrases only to communicate with family back home and inform them of their wellbeing.

The VR experience reflecting on these documents will be taking place at Salisbury Library between 10am and 12pm today.

Staff will be available throughout the morning to help those participating with headsets and answer any questions.

Nothing to be Written premiered at the BBC Proms in August, and the VR experience has since been travelling to various events around the country to commemorate 100 years since the end of the major war.

For more information about the experience and creation process visit the BBC website.