Another Celebrity Switch Off?

So, we have another celebrity this year to switch on our Christmas Lights.

At least someone who has achieved greatness.

It does seem such a pity Salisbury Council did not listen to all the good ideas and positive feedback to last year's somewhat unknown Z-celebrity when there are so many local heroes (and deserving groups thereof) who could switch on the Christmas Lights.

What a fabulous opportunity to celebrate Salisbury community and all we have overcome these last eight months together.

The people and city of Salisbury have suffered near devastating events on a national and international scale while showing up a superpower and it's apparent inability to secretly and covertly carry out its assassination in another country that does not deserve or even commends such actions let alone the use of chemical weapons.

With all the dreadful and damaging things that have happened to Salisbury this year, why waste money on so-called celebrity in a vain hope of attracting more that only a fraction would know or appreciate when we have our very own stars in our fabulous city.

No public thank you to which the public can be a part of at a happy celebrating occasion to the emergency services.

Including those at Porton Down and Salisbury District Hospital, even local politicians and business groups.

All who did and do so much to protect us, help and support us, and went far and above the normal and sometimes at significant risk to themselves.

I know the public is hugely grateful and would instead like to show our appreciation in return.

It should rightly have been a group of our emergency services, fire, police, paramedics, Porton Down, doctors and nurses and hospital staff and indeed local council workers to switch on the Christmas Lights for all the hard work and greatness they have achieved in support of our lives and this proud city and to celebrate the city of Salisbury together as it is with its fabulous community spirit that endures no matter what.

Once again Salisbury City Council seem to fall out of touch with the community and miss the most significant opportunities at such a happy community occasion here and now for Salisbury and not next year, if ever!

David Durlston Baker