I WOULD like to take the opportunity to respond to the letter that was printed in the Journal this week with the title ‘Another Celebrity Switch Off’.

I have to say that I thought it made rather sad reading.

There is no doubt that our lovely city has gone through a very hard time since the beginning of the year and both residents and businesses alike have felt the effects in one way or another.

It has taken a lot of goodwill by everyone to get things back on track, although everyone acknowledges we still have some way to go.

Organisations such as Chamber of Commerce and the BID, as well as Salisbury City Council and Wiltshire Council have worked hard to ensure we work together and make sure something positive comes out of this very difficult time.

During this time there has also been a concerted effort to ensure the local heroes referred to in the letter written by Mr Durlston Baker, were properly thanked for their selflessness and duty, these have included visits by our Prime Minister and Prince Charles who both spent a long time talking to those involved and thanking them personally. More recently there was an event to mark the re-opening of Zizzi’s to which they were also invited.

Salisbury Council has not ignored or failed to acknowledge what these people have done, but rather have respected their wishes to be allowed to get on with their lives and have their privacy respected as well as that of their families.

In doing this we have strived to ensure that we had someone of note and a real achiever to help promote our light switch on this year and feel honoured that Colin Jackson has agreed to do this.

Perhaps the Mr Durlston Baker would consider putting his energy (and not inconsiderable ability to write letters) to better use by promoting the many positive things this city and its people have to offer.

Councillor Jo Broom

Deputy Leader

Salisbury City Councillor for St Martins and Cathedral Ward