A BROAD Chalke songwriter says it is “great” to be releasing his first album.

Steve Porter has been writing songs for about 30 years and decided the time was right to make an album.

He recorded The Kimberly Scarf with local musicians.

Steve said: “It is a record that has songs that are cheerful and uplifting not political and miserable.

“It would be lovely to have an audience for it.”

But Steve admits it was “really difficult” to choose which songs made it on to the album as he had so many to choose from which he has written over the last 30 years.

He said: “It is up tempo and has an arch of feeling through it which is what a lot of albums have.”

The idea for the album came about when Steve was doing a project with his art and novels.

“I thought I’d ought to do something with the songs as well,” he added.

“I’m really happy. You click Spotify and there it is. It will be nice for people to get some enjoyment out of it.”

The album title is in homage to a red scarf that was given to him by an older teenager he met when he was 12. He was also given a tape cassette of The Jam and The Who, which he says sparked his interest in music.

“That’s why I still have the scarf and where it all began," said Steve.

“I still have that music. I thought this would be in honour of him."

He hopes to do a more acoustic album in the future.

Porter Steve: The Kimberly Scarf is available on Spotify and iTunes.

For more information go to portersteve.com