On May 4 Tom Bromley wrote a lovely piece in the Journal about our street library that we had made out of an old two storey guinea pig hutch on Britford Lane.

Unfortunately during the night on Tuesday someone decided to unscrew the library from the fence and steal it, books and all.

This is a real shame as it had been there for over a year and we had so much lovely feedback from local residents, one elderly gentleman even leaving a letter telling us about how he had given up on reading as a young man but the street library had reignited his pleasure in books.

We have also had some lovely notes from children telling us how much they enjoyed looking for new books in the library.

I would urge anyone who has a bit of spare space outside their house and an old hutch, box or similar to fill it with books and start a street library, it’s such a lovely way of sharing books.

And if anyone finds a large blue guinea pig hutch with books in lying about please deliver it back to Britford Lane.

Rosie Barlow