I READ the article last week (Journal, November 15) in relation to assaults on South West Ambulance staff with total disbelief and disgust.

Surely it's not too difficult for people to realise they are only offering help, treatment and the preservation of life.

Surely it's beyond belief that they now find themselves targets from the very people they are trying to help.

I speak as someone who will always be extremely grateful for saving my life and giving me, to now, a further 2 years of life including the opportunity to enjoy a granddaughter I almost never knew. They and the Hampshire Air Ambulance worked extremely hard to save me against the odds of multiple cardiac arrests.

Since then I have had to call upon them more times than I would have wished.

They are always most caring and supporting so why would anyone wish to assault them?

So instead of behaving like a moron and being difficult, why not let them do their job and treat them in a dignified and safe manner?

You never know, one day they may be the last thing between you and life itself.

Gerry Hibberd


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