A FAMILY show inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s traditional tale The Little Match Girl is coming to Salisbury.

The Last Baguette is performing at the show at Salisbury Library on December 10.

Director Susana Alcantud says: “It is a wonderful story. It goes right to the heart of what Christmas means.”

The Last Baguette use visual storytelling, live music and puppetry to shine a light on Hans Christian Andersen’s classic winter tale.

The script is written by T A Woodsmith.

The show follows Alice, a match seller in Victorian London. In an attempt to stay warm she strikes a match, then a second and third. In the cold the flames blaze to life and the flickering fire illuminates her fantastic Christmas visions.

With each strike the audience enter the tumultuous world of her imagination, meeting talking turkeys, dancing rats, Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and their chattering Christmas tree.

For booking information or to find out more go to thelastbaguette.com